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   Turn in your completed work when school resumes.

Do the day 3 choice in the packet that was sent home

First and Second Grades

Bring all of these back to school completed.

Spelling: Have someone give you a practice spelling test. Write all missed words correctly 3 times. 

Reading: Read a good book. Draw a picture of the beginning, middle and end of the book.

Math: 1st grade-create a pictograph of the types of shoes you have in your house. 

           2nd grade-Come up with five 2 digit addition problems and five 2-digit subtraction problems. Solve. 

Writing: Write a story with the title"The Day My Snowman Ran Away."

Science: draw what the weather is like today.

Art: Make two snowflakes.

Bible: Sing two favorite worship songs with your family. Nothing to bring back to school on this one.

P.E. get at least 30 minutes of outdoor exercise today, Nothing to bring back to school on this one.

Third and Fourth Grades
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3-4 Bible

Fifth and Sixth Grades
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Seventh and Eighth Grades
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