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   Turn in your completed work when school resumes.

Do the work for day 4 in the Parent packets that were sent home.

First and Second Grades
Bring all this work back to school.

Spelling: Write all of your spelling words in the snow.If there is no snow write your words on a flat surface. No work to bring back for this one.

Reading: Read a good book. Tell a parent what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story. No work to bring back for this one.

Math: 1st grade-Take a poll of your family's favorite ice cream flavors using a tally chart. Turn your tally chart into a bar graph.

          2nd grade-Create a fake menu for a restaurant with at least 5 items on it. Write and solve 4 word problems that use the menu. Each item should have a dollar and cents amount (ex.$9.75).

Social Studies: Talk to your parents about rules in your family. Talk about why we have rules. draw a picture of what your house would look like without rules.

Art: Take some paper and cut out a handprint. Make your handprint into something new.

Bible: Tell your parents about what we learned in Bible last week.

P.E.: Get at least 30 mins. of outdoor exercise today.

Third and Fourth Grades

Fifth and Sixth Grades
Click here for 5th-6th Science
Click here for 5th-6th Social Studies
5-6 Math
5th and 6th language arts read 30 minutes and write a paragraph of what you read. Minimum of 5 sentences.

Seventh and Eighth Grades