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Read with your parents today

First and Second Grades
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Third and Fourth Grades
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3rd and 4th do all four pages

Fifth and Sixth Grades
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5th-6th Language Arts:READ an article about Trump an this new order on travel ban on people from Muslim countries.  Write a paragraph of 5-7 sentences.  Agree or disagree with the order. SPELL CHECK IT.

Seventh and Eighth Grades
7th-8th Social Studies/Language Arts: READ AN article on Trump's travel ban or the AG he fired yesterday. Write a paragraph for or against the travel ban.  5-7 sent PROOF READ IT!  Make it perfect as to grammar and spelling.  USE 10 ADJ in your writing.  Underline them.
7th-8th Spelling: Finish Spelling City.   Study spelling words.  Write them TWICE each.
7th-8th Bible: Chose a Bible verse from 1-2-3 John(not gospel John).  Tell me why you like it.  At least three sentences.   Memorize it to say to me this week.
7th-8th Science: nothing required. 
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