Sponsor or donate to Walkathon at Home. Please use the link at the bottom of the page. If sponsoring a certain student, please put their name. This year's Walkathon will be done at home by the students. We have several needs for this Walkathon. We will be using the funds for much needed financial aid and some of the funds to start replacing our outdated light fixtures.

You may donate for our Kitchen Revision Project on the link at the bottom of this page.

The School Board has been looking ahead to the operational needs of MSAS during the next few years and as we consider these challenging economic times, we are strongly impressed with the necessity of securing monetary support for MSAS in three major areas: Tuition Assistance, Resource Program & Debt Liquidation. Friends of MSAS donate and/or pledge support to help meet some of the operational needs of MSAS. While some members may choose to remain anonymous, membership will be acknowledged. The Friends of MSAS is open to any individuals, families, groups, or businesses. Our goal is to raise enough funds to meet the following needs:

Tuition Assistance—yearly goal ($50,000+)
The last few years we have been blessed with generous donations for tuition assistance.  Some of the funding programs, the Ed Hunt Scholarship for one, were available for a limited time. Because some funding sources are no longer available, we are being proactive in establishing other avenues that will continue to provide necessary monies for families in need of tuition assistance.
Resource Program—yearly need ($20,000)
Our resource program serves students with mild to moderate learning disabilities (LD), which comprise 13% of our student body. This is an average statistic for every school, public and private, to have at least 10% of LD students. These students are taught classes at their academic ability based on a formal assessment by our certified Resource teacher. IEP's and MAP’s (specialized learning plans) are written based on students’ areas of needed growth that is determined from the formal testing. Funding is needed to continue this program.
The Walk-a-Thon raises monies for special projects that will benefit all students. In the past, the money has been used to purchase playground equipment, desks, computer upgrades, musical instruments, a rock climbing wall, and much more. 

As you consider what you are able to give, please make this a matter of prayer. Donations can be one-time gifts or monthly gifts or  they can be pledges.  We know the Lord will multiply our gifts like the loaves and fishes as we press together to grow these kids to love and follow Jesus.  Thank you for your support and continued prayers. May the Lord bless you and keep you.                               

If you have any questions, please contact us. To donate, you may use either of the Pay Pal buttons below.

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